Saint Andre Triple Creme Soft Ripened Cheese, 7 oz [Pack of 3]

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Saint Andre Cheese is made with milk and cream

This soft-ripened cheese has a texture similar to brie cheese.

This triple crème cheese is a delectable choice for your next charcuterie board.

Saint Andre Triple Creme Soft Ripened Cheese is a French cheese made with pasteurized milk and cream. With a buttery texture and a rich, subtly floral flavor, this triple creme cheese makes a wonderful addition to any cheese board or charcuterie platter.

Enjoy this cow's milk cheese with dry-cured meats and fresh fruit. Try adding this cream and milk-based cheese to a fresh salad dish. Or pair this French triple cream cheese with a glass of dessert wine or sparkling wine.


Pasteurized Milk And Cream, Salt, Lactic Starters, Enzyme, Penicillium Candidum And Geotrichum (Harmless White Mold).


7 oz each - Pack of 3


Product of France

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