Sanniti Pitted Sicilian Green Olives, 1 lb

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These Sicilian Olives are ready to enjoy

This type of olive makes a delicious addition to a charcuterie board.

These Italian olives are preserved with a simple mixture of salt and water, maintaining their natural flavor.

Sanniti Pitted Sicilian Green Olives are an authentic olive variety from Italy. With a mix of bitter, salty, and mildly fruity flavors, these table olives can be tossed, sliced, or crushed into a variety of Mediterranean recipes. 

Try them on a charcuterie platter with cured salami and prosciutto. Serve them on a cheese board with pecorino romano and other Italian cheeses. Or sample them with black olives and Castelvetrano olives (also called "Nocellara del Belice"). For a simple evening snack, pair with a glass of wine, artisan bread, and olive oil.

Olives, water, salt, acidity stabilizer (lactic acid), antioxidant (asborbic acid)

1 lb bag

Product of Italy

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