Skin & Co Roma Citrus Amaro Body Lotion - 7.7 fl. oz

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Product Description:
"A refreshing yet sophisticated scent. The body lotion with a little va-va-voom. This body lotion is rich in vitamin C, famous for its ability to sooth, protect and renew skin. We've also added some almond oil to supercharge the moisturizing quality of the formula, and some witch hazel extract that has anti-reddening properties. Calendula to refresh the epidermis. Also, our olive oil extract, which is unmatched in its soothing effect on the skin. All you are left with is smooth and energized skin, nourished with finely selected Italian ingredients."

Organic sesamum seed oil, beeswax, olive oil, sweet almond oil, organic jojoba oil, what germ oil, organic witch hazel extract, aloe extract, organic bitter orange extract, grapefruit seed extract. Sulfate and paraben free. Not tested on animals.

7.7 fl oz


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