Skin & Co Roma Umbrian Truffle Body Lotion - 7.7 fl. oz

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Product Description:
"The ultimate body moisturizer, wind, wave, sun are no match for it. Put it on and any dry feeling is totally gone. Top ingredients combined to make this lotion the uber product that it is. Created to be food for your skin. it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and acids essential for skin health. It contains our unique Umbrian truffle which is rich in superoxide dismutase, a powerful enzyme and scavenger of free radicals that has an antioxidant, anti-aging effect. The olive oil and shea butter in the formula create an intensive moisture treatment. Also contains argan oil that softens and prevents sagging and aging of the skin. Lastly, sodium hyaluronate to brighten and keep your skin firm."

organic shea butter, truffle extract, organic argan oil, avocado oil, olive oil, organic jojoba seed oil, organic rose extract, organic althaea root extract, organic rosemary extract, organic aloe extract, hyaluronic acid. Sulfate and paraben free. Not tested on animals.

7.7 fl. oz.


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