Sliced Blanched Almonds - 5 lbs

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Sliced Blanched Almonds are ideal for cooking and baking

These are a more convenient alternative to raw almonds that you can use in a wide range of recipes.

Add these skinless almonds to salads, or use them to bake bread or cakes.

Sanniti Sliced Blanched Almonds are completely natural almonds without the brown outer skin. There's no need to remove the skins yourself when you can use these pre-sliced nuts in any recipe that calls for blanched almonds.

Toss a handful in a salad or stir-fry to add texture to the dish. Make the perfect almond cake, cookies, or bread by combining these blanched nuts with almond flour or almond meal. Or use these to prepare a savory almond cream sauce for chicken, pork, or even pasta.

5 lbs


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