Tagliatelle all'Uovo Egg Fresh Pasta, 500g [Pack of 3]

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This Fresh Tagliatelle Pasta has a soft, chewy texture

Lisa fresh pasta has a shorter cooking time  when compared to dry Italian pastas.

Enjoy this authentic egg tagliatelle in any of your favorite pasta recipes.

Unlike dry pasta, Lisa fresh pasta (in Italian, “pasta fresca”) is soft and doughy—as if your nonna just made it herself! Lisa's Italian pastas are made from durum wheat semolina flour, giving them an authentic Mediterranean flavor. Because it is fresh, this Italian pasta requires a much shorter cooking time compared to dry pasta.

Tagliatelle all'Uovo Egg Fresh Pasta is long, flat, Italian pasta. This long Italian pasta is tremendous with creamy sauces and/or with meats like chicken or seafood. This Italian pasta is marvelous for lunch and dinner dishes.

Try this type of pasta with a robust tomato sauce or a creamy Alfredo. Or enjoy al dente noodles in a homemade tagliatelle pasta salad with extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, fresh herbs, and cherry tomatoes. Pair this fresh pasta with a glass of wine or sparkling cider for a delicious evening meal.

This authentic fresh pasta from Italy makes a great present for anyone who enjoys preparing Mediterranean cuisine. Add fresh pasta to a gift basket along with a bottle of high-quality olive oil.




Product of Italy

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