Therapispa Refreshing Aloe Vera Mist Wild Peach for Hair, Face & Body Mist, 8 oz

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Product Description:
Therapispa Refreshing Aloe Vera Mist Wild Peach is a moisturizing spray to soothe and brighten skin and hair. Hydrate irritated or dry skin for a brighter, healthier complexion and a fresh scent. A few spritzes of this Therapispa mist can also nourish and detangle hair! Create beautiful, natural-looking waves by spraying evenly from six to 12 inches away and then styling. Made with organic aloe vera, the Therapispa Refreshing Mist is a wonderful addition to your daily skin care and hair care routine.

Net wt. 8.0 fl oz / 240 ml

Product of South Korea

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