Tuxford & Tebbutt Blue Stilton Cheese Wheel, 4.5 lb. [Pack of 2]

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The Tuxford and Tebutt Creamery in Melton Mowbray, England, has remained virtually unchanged in appearance since it was built in the 18th century. The cheese made there has also remained in traditional style, with its unique blue veining and pungent flavor. The cheeses are all made individually, and turned by hand until they reach maturity. “The King of English Cheese” will delight the palate of any cheese connoisseur. Enjoy this award-winning cheese with dried fruit, whole wheat crackers, or simply nibble on a piece by itself. The 9 lb. size is perfect for entertaining a large party or supplying a fine restaurant.

Pasteurized Full Fat Milk, Salt, Starter Culture.

Pack of 2 -  4.5 lb. each

Product of England

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