Viani Prosciutto Toscano, 16 lb.

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Not all prosciutto is the same! Prosciutto Toscano has different characteristics than other types of prosciutto. It all has to do with the location and its local climate, which affects the air in which the meat is dry-cured for a long period of time. Prosciutto Toscano has a more intense and earthy flavor than Prosciutto di Parma. It's not just salt that goes into this process, but other traditional Tuscan spices. Viani prosciutto legs come only from Tuscan pigs.

16 lb.


About Viani:
Viani first began as a sausage factory in 1922. Today, Viani uses those some traditional values to produce all of their meats, from salami to prosciutto and even game meat. This Italian company blends the ancient art of cured meats with advanced technology to bring every customer the best quality meat products.

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