Zona Organic Pickle Spread, 3.9 oz

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This Organic Pickle Relish is zesty and sweet

This relish is flavored with mustard seed, paprika, and dill.

Enjoy this organic, sweet relish on hot dogs, burgers, and more.

Zona Organic Pickle Spread is a pickle relish made from sustainable agriculture and high quality ingredients such as pickled cucumber, mustard seed, and paprika. This sweet and sour Zona spread is certified EU organic and USDA organic. Use this sweet pickle relish as a garnish or enjoy it on a sandwich or crackers.


Organic Pickled Cucumber 43.5%, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Mustard Seed 5.6%, Organic Corn Starch, Water, Salt, Organic Sweet Paprika, Dill 0.05%


3.9 oz (110 grams)


Product of Spain

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