7 Incredible Margarita Recipes to Make on National Margarita Day

Margaritas are excellent cocktails to try to make as a novice bartender because margarita recipes are so simple! Like painting a blank canvas, you can make a homemade margarita in virtually any flavor, color, and even texture. So before you grab your usual margarita mix, check out these incredible margarita recipes that will thrill your taste buds.

Coconut Pineapple Margarita

One of the best combinations of flavors, coconut and pineapple belong together—and not just in a Pina Colada. The main ingredients in a classic margarita are tequila, Triple Sec (or some kind of orange liqueur or orange bitters), and simple syrup (or agave syrup). This leaves a lot of room to add flavors as you see fit, so why not add the delicious duo of coconut and pineapple? All you need is some coconut milk and pineapple juice. And of course, margarita salt or sugar on the rim, garnished with a lime.

Grapefruit Coconut Margarita

Pineapple isn’t the only citrus flavor that pairs well with coconut. For a slightly bolder flavor, replace the pineapple juice with grapefruit juice, or a sparkling grapefruit drink for some fizz! Add a dash of coconut syrup, too, if you want to cut some of the bitterness of the grapefruit. The end result is a lovely light pink margarita which looks as great as it tastes. (And don’t forget, you can make it a frozen margarita recipe by blending the ingredients with ice.)

Hot Mango Margarita

Not all margarita recipes have to be completely sweet. In fact, some of the best margarita recipes turn up the heat with jalapeno peppers or hot sauce. Combine the gentle sweetness of mango juice with mango habanero pepper sauce for a complex flavor that appeals to multiple areas of the palate at once. Before pouring, be sure to coat the rim of the margarita glass with a blend of spices or spiced margarita salt, like Cajun spice or pepper salt.

Strawberry Rhubarb Margarita

Maybe you’ve encountered a strawberry rhubarb pie or two, but what about a strawberry rhubarb margarita? Aside from the necessary ingredients for a classic margarita mentioned earlier, all that is needed for this easy margarita recipe is strawberry syrup and a few dashes of rhubarb bitters. The tart, green apple-like flavor of the rhubarb bitters is an excellent partner for the sweet strawberry, which is why it is used in baking all the time! For a strawberry rhubarb margarita with more texture, enjoy it frozen by blending the ingredients with ice and real strawberries in a blender.

Strawberry Lime Habanero Margarita

Crafting a homemade margarita is simple, but for the ultimate easy margarita recipe, having a margarita mix on hand is all it takes. Make your own strawberry lime margarita with Jordan’s Skinny Sugar Free Strawberry Key Lime Cocktail Mix. Want to turn up the heat? Make it a strawberry lime habanero margarita with a couple drops of Scrappy’s Bitters Habanero Firewater.

Raspberry Pomegranate Margarita

Believe it or not, not every margarita recipe has to be tropical. Try a berry-flavored margarita by combining raspberry syrup and pomegranate blueberry sparkling fruit drink. Don’t want the fizz? Create a different texture with pomegranate fruit spread instead. Garnish the cocktail with a red Wild Hibiscus flower. (Note: Triple Sec is not necessary for this cocktail recipe, so try a raspberry liqueur instead.)

Blood Orange Habanero Margarita

Revel in a citrus-infused margarita with a bold flavor and an equally bold red-orange color. Add blood orange juice and orange pulp habanero pepper sauce to the classic margarita recipe for an incredibly unique cocktail recipe.

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