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What is Guanciale?

Although not an Italian meat that belongs on the classic antipasto platter, Guanciale excels as a cooking ingredient. Guanciale is made of cured pork jowl and is used like Pancetta to add flavor and richness to pasta, risotto, and stews. This traditional Italian Meat has a good amount of flavorful fat with striations of meat running throughout. Guanciale is often flavored with black pepper, garlic and rosemary mixed into its cure. Cubed up and fried until crispy, Guanciale is most often encountered in the classic dish, Pasta all'Amatriciana. Read More

How is guanciale different?

In the picturesque region of Umbria, Italy, its lush and beautiful landscape is home to local pigs that get fat on fallen tree nuts and acorns. The exquisite yet delicate flavor of Guanciale is born in these fields and forests where the famous black pigs of Umbria roam in abundance. The unique flavor of this meat is truly a distinctive characteristic of the Umbrian region because the foods that these pigs eat are only found in central Italy. This cured meat is very similar to bacon or pork belly and can be similarly used in recipes that call for those ingredients. You’ll find the taste to be much richer than pork belly or bacon and this is due to the curing process that infuses the meat with a special blend of herbs and spices, which brings out the richness of the Italian black pork flavors.

How is Guanciale used?

Guanciale can be used in a similar fashion to pork belly or bacon. Although it is cured, it is best added to recipes for the best results. It can be diced and mixed into sauces, soups, or pasta dishes. For a delectable appetizer, it can also be sliced and pan-fried, and then served with a sauce. When you incorporate Guanciale into your meals, it will add a wonderful, buttery flavor to your food thanks to its high fat content, which helps bring to life a long list of hearty, basic ingredients.

Where to buy Guanciale online

A special type of Italian meat, Guanciale is sometimes not easy to find outside of Italy. If you’re not planning a trip to Umbria anytime soon, the best way to purchase authentic and high quality Guanciale is online at Supermarket Italy. Our collection of curated Italian products includes only the highest quality items imported from Italy. Order some Guanciale today and get ready to transform ordinary pantry food into a gourmet meal that’s satisfying and easy to make. With its characteristic salty richness, Guanciale will soon become your go-to whenever you are looking for upscale bacon!