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What are the various coffee pods?

With coffee pods, you can enjoy the convenience of instant coffee without sacrificing the flavor and aroma of a high-quality brew made from scratch. At Supermarket Italy, we offer a selection of premium coffee pods that are compatible with the most popular machines available, including Keurig, Nespresso, and single cartridge espresso machines.

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With a Keurig machine, you can enjoy a single serving of Italian espresso in seconds. This versatile coffee pod machine is compatible with a variety of K cups, including Lavazza, a premium Italian espresso offered at Supermarket Italy. Choose from several different espresso K cups such as Perfetto, Gran Selezione, Gran Aroma, and Classico.

Supermarket Italy’s online shop also features the best coffee pods for the Nespresso machine, another popular coffee maker for its compatibility with premium brews and the convenience of instant espresso. In a matter of seconds, your cup can be filled with the full-bodied, rich, and creamy flavor of Caffe Borbone Respresso Blu, which is made from 100% Arabica beans. For a bold and powerful brew, Respresso Nera is another variety offered by this top Italian espresso brand. Espresso is a matter of personal taste, which is why Supermarket Italy also offers the smooth and mild Oro Nespresso pods for coffee lovers who enjoy a little variation in their everyday routine.

Nespresso also allows you to choose from a range of Italian espresso brands such as Kimbo, which is available in several roasts. Enjoy a variety of espresso flavors like Armonia, which offers a balanced and harmonious brew that tastes amazing on its own or made into a cappuccino or latte. For the authentic flavor of Neapolitan coffee, Supermarket Italy features Napoli Italian espresso, a rich and velvety roast that can be brewed in seconds. If you want a robust cup of coffee, Nespresso is also compatible with Intenso Italian espresso pods, also by Kimbo.

At Supermarket Italy, we also offer a selection of E.S.E pods, which are specially designed for non-grinding espresso machines with a single portafilter. Each pod is perfectly weighed and packaged, which saves you from the extra hassle of fumbling with coffee filters and measuring espresso grinds. With E.S.E pods, you can also add variety to your coffee routine with top Italian espresso brands like Illy, Caffe Borbone, Gioia, and Lavazza.

Make your morning coffee routine easy and mess-free with espresso coffee pods, which taste just as delicious and fresh as traditionally brewed coffee. We recommend combining an Italian espresso with treats that have equally strong flavors like chocolate marzipan or Tiramisu. For full-bodied brews with a hint of spice, try pairing it with light and semisweet delights like vanilla ladyfingers or Lazzaroni’s famous Amaretti Cookie Snaps.

Along with your morning coffee selections, espresso made from coffee pods can also complement an after-dinner dessert course. For the classic Italian experience, Supermarket Italy also features a selection of cakes and cookies imported from Italy. From Panettone to almond biscotti, experience the delicious flavor combinations of a classic Italian cafe.

Where to Buy Coffee Pods

At Supermarket Italy, you’ll find a selection of top Italian coffee pod brands along with different flavored creamers and dessert pairings. Visit our online store today and conveniently check off every item on your Italian coffee shopping list.