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Balsamic Condiments / Dressings

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What is Italian Balsamic Dressing?

The key ingredient that gives Italian balsamic dressing its characteristic complexity and sweet–tangy flavor is balsamic vinegar, which has been produced in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy for centuries. The velvety texture of premium Italian vinegar is combined with extra virgin olive oil, which adds to the creaminess of balsamic dressing. For a touch or aromatics and flavor, grated Parmesan, herbs, and spices can also be added to make a simple yet flavorful balsamic vinaigrette. Read More

Balsamic vinegar production dates back to the early Middle Ages when bottles were given as gifts to significant figures such as Popes and members of the royal family. Throughout the centuries, balsamic vinegar became a common kitchen condiment that was used in combination with extra virgin olive oil to help bring lettuces and other hearty and fresh ingredients to life.

At Supermarket Italy, we feature a selection of the best balsamic dressing including Vincotto, which is made from the cooked must of Negroamaro and Malvasia grapes. It gets its rich sweet and sour flavor from being aged in oak barrels for four years. The rich and complex flavor makes it excellent as a dressing or marinade for meats and vegetables. It can also be drizzled over sweet desserts and fresh fruit.

For a lively burst of flavor, add some zing to your salad dressing or marinade with Orange Vicotto, which is mixed with oranges and wine vinegar one year before the aging process. This extra step helps to enhance the vinegar with tangy and floral orange flavors.

Another premium brand is Fini Aceto and their signature balsamico octagonal, a smooth balsamic vinegar with notes of wood and spices. This high-quality balsamic vinegar from Modena is aged in different types of wood such as cherry, chestnut, oak and more, which gives it a unique flavor like no other. For a light and well-balanced dressing, pair it with extra-virgin olive oil and Italian seasonings, a simple recipe that can take salad greens, grilled vegetables, and other greens to new heights of flavor.

Fini Aceto also makes a limited edition 100th anniversary bottle that comes in a keepsake display box. Considered one of the best kinds of balsamic vinegar, this variety is stamped with the prestigious ‘4 leaves’ symbol, which certifies that the product is part of the highest quality category from Modena. With an intensely sweet flavor and thick, syrupy quality, this premium vinegar is best reserved for gourmet dishes like filet mignon, cheese, grilled vegetables, and as a luxurious topping for fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream.

One of the finest balsamic condiments from Modena, Leonardi Saba makes a rare variety that adds a luxe sweetness to desserts such as ice cream and pastries. Beyond the incredibly complex flavor, it also comes in an elegant bottle adorned with a red ribbon and the iconic original label. Another limited edition by Leonardi, their balsamic condiment has been aged three years and has a luscious wine aroma and notes of caramel and raisin. Use this in your Italian cooking and bring the flavors of Modena to your favorite recipes.

Along with premium balsamic condiments imported from Italy, Supermarket Italy also carries a selection of products from the Napa Valley. Used to prepare delicious meals, Verjus Blanc by Fusion is a tart, fresh juice from unripe wine grapes. Without a wine or vinegar flavor conflict, it adds a perfect amount of acidity and sweetness to veggies and fruit, making it an essential condiment in your kitchen. Fusion also makes Verjus Rouge, the red grape juice variety.

Where to Buy the Best Balsamic Vinegar

If you’re looking for the best balsamic vinaigrette dressing to buy, Supermarket Italy features a selection of brands from Modena and the Napa Valley. Shop our selection of balsamic vinegar today and elevate your food with the special sweet-tart flavor of balsamic vinegar, one of the world’s best condiments.