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Duck Products / Foie Gras

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Duck Fat and Meat

Cooking with Duck

Eating duck is an adventure in haute cuisine, and there are various ways to enjoy it! Duck fat, foie gras, pâté, duck breast, and duck confit are wonderful, luxury items to eat and cook with, especially in French cuisine. Duck meat is rich and tender, and cooking with duck fat enhances the flavor of many other foods as well, like roasted potatoes and French fries. 

What is foie gras?

A luxury food item in French cooking, foie gras is made from duck liver that has been fattened in a process called gavage. The result is an extremely rich and buttery flavor that makes foie gras pâté melt in your mouth. Serve foie gras slightly chilled and cut into slices, accompanied by a simple green side salad or toasted baguette. 

What is duck confit?

Duck confit is a delicacy of duck leg marinated in rendered duck fat for a juicy, tender meat. A popular way to serve duck confit is with potatoes, string beans, and a sweet cranberry glaze. It is an elegant, succulent dish for Christmas dinner and other special occasions. Supermarket Italy also offers Smoked Duck Breast and other duck products from Les Trois Petits Cochons.