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Duck Fat and Meat

Why Cooks Love Using Duck Products?

A staple of French cooking, duck fat adds a buttery flavor and silky texture to Duck meat is used in cooking all over the world. Cooked properly, the meat is rich and tender, and the fat content makes it particularly flavorful. Duck fat is used to enhance an endless number of dishes, from duck confit to french fries to chocolate chip cookies, while duck liver is most famously used as a gourmet charcuterie board spread known as foie gras.

What is foie gras?

A quintessential luxury food item in French cooking, foie gras is made from duck liver that has been fattened in a process called gavage. The result is an extremely rich and buttery flavor that makes foie gras pate melt in your mouth.

Serve foie gras slightly chilled and cut into slices; it can be eaten with a simple green side salad without dressing or with a toasted baguette, dijon mustard, and cornichons. The best wine pairings for foie gras pate are typically rich, sweet white wines like Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley or a Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc.

What can I make using duck fat?

A staple of French cooking that has roots in ancient Egypt, duck fat adds a buttery flavor and silky texture to many dishes, from classic cuisine to modern gastronomy. Its high smoke point also makes duck fat an excellent choice for high-heat cooking or pan searing everything from meat and potatoes to vegetables and poultry. Simply put, duck fat makes everything taste better. 

Duck fat is one of the easiest ways to transform your cooking from ordinary to gourmet. For instance, duck fat added to potatoes brings out their earthy flavors while creating a crunchy golden crust. Duck fat can also be used to saute vegetables and meat like poultry, fish, and shellfish, a no-fail method for achieving an evenly browned and flavorful crust. Slow cook poultry in duck fat for duck confit, an iconic French dish that is famously juicy and tender.