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What is organic food?

Food is labeled organic when it is produced without any additives, chemicals, or growth hormones. Organic farming, for example, does not rely on the use of pesticides. Many people prefer this natural approach, which is why Supermarket Italy offers a wide range of organic food items, from vegetables to pasta. 

What are some quality organic food brands?

Some brands offer organic variations of their signature products, while others are fully dedicated to being organic food brands. One example of the latter is Zona, a brand that sources organic vegetables and sustainably farmed fish in Spain. Gentile also offers organic versions of their high quality Italian pasta. Organic olives, spreads, sauces and more are also available.

What other healthy food options does Supermarket Italy have?

Supermarket Italy makes organic food delivery easy and worry-free. Other healthy food options include vegetarian or vegan foods, gluten-free foods, and keto-friendly foods. We want to ensure that you find the gourmet food you love without compromising your special diet.