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What is cotechino?

A popular sausage from Northern Italy, cotechino adds a special flavor to classic Italian dishes. Cotechino sausage is made from top quality pork that has been cured in natural seasonings for up to six months. Typically served with lentils as a celebratory dish at New Year’s, cotechino is now enjoyed year-round in Italy and by fans of Italian cuisine around the world.

The reason lentils are the grain of choice for this quintessential New Year’s dish is because they are shaped like coins, which reminds people of money and good fortune. Seasoned with a special combination of spices and herbs, this ancient grain also makes a hearty base for slices of rich and briny cotechino.

How to Cook Cotechino Sausage

What sets this Italian sausage apart is the addition of the skin or rind of the meat. Unlike salami and other cold cuts that have gone through a curing process, cotechino sausage must be cooked before serving. Boil or fry slices of cotechino and serve with lentils, polenta, or potatoes.

Where to Buy Cotechino Sausage

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