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Salami Snacks

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Salami Snacks

Why choose salami snacks?

Salami snacks are nutritionally balanced, small plates that you can take anywhere, from the office to the hiking trail. If you don’t have time to eat a full meal, salami snacks are a substantial, smart choice to help hold you over. These small plates prove that protein snacks don’t have to be boring and flavorless!

What varieties of salami snacks are there?

In addition to our full-sized Italian salami meats, Supermarket Italy offers small salami chubs and slices, including Genoa salami, Milano salami, smoked salami, and more. We also carry chorizo snack sticks and slices in mild and hot flavors, and even vegan salami chubs made from figs!

Where can I buy salami snacks?

Supermarket Italy carries delicious protein snacks in several varieties. Try the Mount Olive snack packs from Fratelli Beretta, Spanish chorizo fuet sticks from Espuña, and Olli salami snacks, including pepperoni!