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What is Chutney?

Traditional chutneys owe their universal appeal to a bright and zesty combination of tangy acidity from vinegar and the sugar and sweetness of different types of fruit. All the flavors come together when high-quality ingredients are boiled and infused with a range of seasonings. Read More

Chutney is a popular condiment that can be traced beyond its origins in 500 B.C. India. Chutneys were first introduced to England and France in the early 17th century and were made with a combination of “mangoed” or pickled fruits and vegetables that were preserved in sugar and vinegar.

Deviating from the original recipe known in India, the influence of the southern Mediterranean resulted in the addition of vinegar and sugar, which served as natural preservatives for extending the shelf life. Today, some of the top brands are from other countries in Europe and North Africa, such as Major Grey Chutney in the U.K. and Les Moulins Mahjoub from Tunisia. Still adhering to the time-honored harvesting and production traditions of Old World cuisine, these gourmet chutneys are perfect for perking up a long list of savory dishes.

How is chutney used?

The balance of tanginess and sweetness in chutney is perfect for cutting through the richness of cheese and meats, making it a must-have for everything from gourmet sandwiches to Italian-style antipasti platters and salads.

Whether the hearty protein showcased in your dish is buttery grilled shrimp, pork medallions, or a juicy cheeseburger, the mango chutney by Major Gray is a favorite English-style variety that adds complexity to food with exotic, fruity flavors and a bright acidity. Another option is the sweet and floral Sevilla orange and artichoke chutney from Les Moulins Mahjoub, a flavor combo that celebrates the unique flavors of the southern Mediterranean.

A famous condiment in England and around the world, Major Grey mango chutney is an Indian and Asian delicacy that enhances the flavor of roasted meat and chicken. According to legend, this popular type of chutney was created by a 19th century British Army officer of the same name who presumably lived in British India. What gives it a characteristic flavor that sets it apart is a combination of mango, vinegar, lime juice, onion, raisins, sweetener, and other spices.

Another popular brand of chutney hails from Tunisia, a region known for its rich and storied culinary tradition. For the family-owned Les Moulins Mahjoub, their signature product is chutney made with locally harvested fruits and vegetables like artichokes and Sevilla oranges, which are pickled with vinegar, sugar, and seasonings. They also make a full-flavored fig and candied lemon chutney, which adds complex pops of flavor to a variety of dishes.

There are many ways to get the most out of chutney, such as adding it to a sandwich to balance the rich and briny flavors of ham and cheese. It also can add a punch of flavor to a satisfying and melty grilled cheese. Mango chutney and other fruity varieties also pair beautifully with hearty and robust meats like lamb and duck. We recommend serving a small dollop on the side or spreading it over the meat just before serving.

Fruit and vegetable chutneys can also add a fresh and zesty kick to hearty ingredients like grilled vegetables. For a mouthwatering appetizer dip, try mixing chutney with cream cheese and serving with crackers as part of an elegant and tasty appetizer platter.

Where to Buy Chutney

At Supermarket Italy, you’ll find the top brands of chutney, including the famous Major Grey variety along with the southern Mediterranean-style chutneys from Les Moulins Mahjoub, which are made with organic and all-natural ingredients. Add a variety of chutneys to your condiment collection and get ready to add bright pops a flavor to your favorite meals.