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Italian Food Gift Baskets

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Along with a selection of the finest imports from Italy and around the world, Supermarket Italy also features an exciting lineup of food gift baskets that are filled with a selection of bestselling products. From premium quality Italian espresso and pasta to truffle oil and more, our food gift baskets make a delightful and unexpected gift for those with a passion for gourmet Italian food. Read More

If the person on your gift-giving list prefers freshly ground coffee, they will love the Lavazza gift basket, the best present for fans of this iconic brand of Italian espresso. With the Lavazza gift basket, you can choose four types of whole coffee beans from a selection of top sellers, including Gran Reserva Espresso, Gran Crema, Super Crema and more. Every time they make coffee, they will fondly think of you and your generosity. Their home will also be filled with the comforting aromas of authentic Italian espresso, which has notes of dark chocolate and baked goods.

If they would rather have the convenience of ground coffee, the best choice is the Italian Gourmet Ground Coffee Variety gift basket, which includes a sampling of Supermarket Italy's most popular brands, including Illy, Caffe Mauro, Kimbo, Segafredo, and Lavazza.

One of the most comforting savory foods on the planet, pasta is another all-time favorite included in Supermarket Italy's collection of food gift baskets. The Italian Pasta gift basket comes with premium varieties of long-strand and short pasta by the finest brands such as Rustichella d’Abruzzo, Campo Busiate Trapanesi, and more. Whoever is lucky enough to receive this gourmet artisan pasta gift basket will be fully stocked with traditional Italian pasta for many months.

Considered the diamonds of the culinary world, luxurious truffles are also showcased in Supermarket Italy's food gift baskets. The home cooks in your life will love the Urbani Truffle gift basket, which is available in a selection of product combinations. The classic truffle gift sets by Urbani include sumptuous pairings, such as the pesto and truffles thrill, a famous Genoa recipe made with basil and truffles. Also including the red pesto variety, try it with linguine and you'll be hooked forever.

These truffle gift sets also come with white truffle sea salt, which adds a subtle and nuanced complexity to a long list of savory dishes. Following the theme of specialty gourmet condiments, this food gift basket also comes with aged balsamic “Carmelina,” a specialty condiment that has been slowly aged in oak barrels. For an added touch of luxury, pair it with Unico black truffle oil, another item included in these gourmet food gift baskets. These marvelous made in Italy products can be used with other ingredients in the gift set, such as dried porcini and arborio rice.

Supermarket Italy's truffle gift sets also include Urbani's Truffle Lover Basket, which showcases white truffle sea salt, red pesto and truffles thrill, and black truffles and mushrooms thrill. For a sampler of Urbani's most popular products, A Taste of Urbani Truffles basket features their signature truffle-infused specialties, including several types of truffle sea salt, truffle mustard, truffle ketchup, truffle oil, and much more.

For those who like to make fancy cocktails, they will love receiving the Cocktail Lover's Dream gift basket, which includes several flavors of aromatic bitters, a jar of premium Luxardo maraschino cherries, and all natural rose and hibiscus concentrate. Just add your favorite liquor, mixers, and garnishes and make a toast to refreshing gourmet cocktails that can be easily made in the comfort of home.

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With a wide selection of food gift baskets to choose from, Supermarket Italy is your one-stop-shop for thoughtful gifts that can be enjoyed any time of year. Whether it's for holidays, birthdays or other special occasions, shop our gourmet food gift baskets and find a delicious present for every person on your list.