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Pizza Set

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Homemade Pizza Making Tools

Pizza Sets

It’s common knowledge that Italian pizza is one of the best foods on the planet, and you don’t have to order out or travel to Naples to make your pizza wishes come true. Supermarket Italy has everything you need for making authentic Italian pizza in the comfort of home. For a foodie gift that is sure to impress or another addition to your kitchen arsenal, buy a complete pizza set with accessories such as a pizza cutter, pizza stone, Italian flours and more. 

How to Make Italian Style Pizza at Home

Many people think that in order to make delicious Italian pizza, you need to have a wood or coal-fired oven. Though these ovens do produce spectacular pizza, they are not mandatory for creating the dish. These days, a few essential materials including pizza stones, cutters, and authentic flour mixes can be used to craft a delicious pizza right from home. Brands such as Casarecci and Molino Grassi offer pre-mixed pizza flours that ensure made in Italy quality. Pizza stones help pizza dough cook evenly, achieving that crispy crust you want from a coal-fired oven. Some pizza kits include a wooden pizza peel and a serving tray, which are essential for working safely with a hot oven. When the pizza is out of the oven and cooled, use a handy pizza cutter to glide through the crust without making a jagged mess. Depending on your personal preference, you can opt for a round pizza cutter or a stainless steel chopper.

Get All of Your Pizza Accessories Online

Once you have picked out all your pizza accessories, it’s time to look for some high-quality ingredients at Supermarket Italy, America’s one-stop-shop for the finest Italian and European products. We also conveniently deliver everything you need right to your door. From pizza sauces and pastes made from handpicked Italian tomatoes to DOP-protected meats and cheeses, Supermarket Italy has all the best ingredients for making an unforgettable pizza.