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What Makes Manchego Cheese Different?

Manchego cheese is a cheese that comes from the La Mancha region of Spain, which is also famous for the legendary figure of Don Quixote. Authentic Manchego cheese is only made from the milk of the sheep of the same name. The flavor of the cheese depends on how long it has been aged. Manchego cheese can either be nutty, sweet, or grassy and tangy. The texture is semi-soft.

How is Manchego Cheese Made?

Traditionally, Manchego cheese is made with unpasteurized milk. However, when it is produced and distributed on a large scale, it tends to contain pasteurized milk instead. The cheese curds develop inside woven grass molds or baskets, which leaves not only a grassy, earthy taste, but a distinct zigzag imprint on the cheese.

How long is Manchego aged?

The number of months Manchego is aged affects the cheese types. Our Corcuera Manchego DOP aged three months is relatively soft with a fresh floral and grassy flavor. This three-month-old cheese type is known as Semi Curado. At six months, Curado Manchego cheese is slightly firmer and has a fuller, nuttier flavor. At 12 months and beyond, the texture of Viejo Manchego cheese becomes firm, if not crumbly, and the taste becomes sharper and more peppery.

How Should I Eat Manchego Cheese?

The Manchego cheese recipes you should use all depends on the cheese types. Depending on what kind of flavor profile you want your dish to have, it can be used in everything from salads to sandwiches to mac and cheese. It also pairs well with bacon, figs, and even chocolate. Act like a true Spaniard and pair it with a mature Spanish red wine.

Where to Buy Manchego Cheese

Manchego cheese can only earn its name if it is made from the sheep in the La Mancha region of Spain. However, you can easily bring this Spanish favorite to your front door by ordering it on Supermarket Italy’s website.