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Italian Taralli Crackers

What is Taralli?

Taralli is one of the favorite snacks of the southern regions of Italy. In fact, The New York Times likens Taralli to the potato chips of America; they are the defining cultural snack. Somewhat similar to breadsticks, Taralli are round coils of dough made with flour, water, olive oil, and white wine. They are simple snacks, usually flavored with pepper, fennel seeds, or just olive oil.

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What does Taralli taste like?

Made well, Taralli should be crisp but not overly hard. These Italian snacks have a simple yet addicting taste. There are any number of seasonings and herbs Taralli can be flavored with, such as Taralli Fennel Finocchio Beato Giacomo, Taralli Red Pepper Peperoncino Beato, or the traditional Colacchio Tarallucci Olive Oil. Black pepper, rosemary, and garlic can also be used.

How do Italians like to eat Taralli?

Other than just grabbing a bag of Taralli like Americans would do with potato chips, Italians typically enjoy Taralli with their appetizers. It is also extremely common in Southern Italy to find Taralli in the typical bread basket you receive at the start of your meal. Taralli are usually enjoyed with an aperitivo, a light wine or cocktail had before the main meal.

Where can I buy Taralli?

Order various flavors of Taralli from Supermarket Italy! Get a taste of what a day in the life of a true Italian is like, and bring them out the next time you have guests!