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Sweets & Snacks

What are popular Italian desserts?

Every culture has different tastes when it comes to dessert. Italian dessert recipes often combine both sweet and savory elements, such as the ever-popular cannoli, whose shell is usually filled with some kind of ricotta-based cream. This enormous catalog of Supermarket Italy sweets contains everything from Mulino Bianco cookies to Italian cakes. Low on time? Don’t feel like going out to a restaurant? Enjoy the taste of one of Italy’s signature desserts with Balconi Torta Tiramisu Cake, which is a perfect sweet snack at home or on-the-go.

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Which Italian desserts should I buy for holidays and special occasions?

During the holidays, our Fiasconaro Panettone Colomba and Lazzaroni Amaretti cookies are bestsellers. Panettones and pandoros are two types of beloved Christmas cakes, both of which can be found here at Supermarket Italy. The Filippi Colomba Classic Cake is also one of the most popular and traditional Easter desserts.

What are popular Italian candies?

Italian candies can be hard or soft, and some contain a filling in the middle. Flavors from caramel to licorice to citrus can all be found in our candy catalog. One of the premiere brands of Italian candies, Perugina, provides a true taste of Italy. Lastly, no European can forget about marzipan. Marzipan is made out of a delicious, sugary almond paste which possesses a unique texture. Many times, marzipan is shaped and decorated to look like something else, such as lemons and limes in Bergen’s Assorted Fruit Marzipan Basket.

What about Italian chocolate?

Italian chocolate takes on the form of delicious spreads, rich truffles, or classic chocolate-covered cookies. Our chocolate section includes brands such as Baci Perugina and the real Italian Nutella!

What are popular Italian snacks?

Health-conscious people can rest easy with Italian snacks in their cupboards. Balanced, protein-rich, and portable salami snacks can include various nuts, cheeses, and crackers. Supermarket Italy is also proud to sell highly nutritious Ration food bars.

Where to buy Italian candies and snacks

Treat yourself to authentic Italian candies, desserts, and snacks by ordering from Supermarket Italy’s extensive catalog.