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La Florentine Torrone, 7.62 oz
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Italian Nougat Made with Nuts


What is torrone?

Torrone is an Italian candy made of sugar, egg white, and honey whipped together to form a chewy dough. The dough is typically then mixed with nuts, such as almonds and pistachios, as well as flavors of lemon, orange, and vanilla. Torrone is traditionally enjoyed during the Christmas season in Italy, but can be served as a sweet treat anytime of year. 

The History of Torrone Nougat

Torrone has been made for centuries in Southern Europe, and Italian torrone has rudimentary roots in Ancient Rome. Legend has it that the torrone we know today came about in the 15th century, when aristocrats Franscesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti were married and offered her a sweet mix of honey, almond and egg white made in the shape of a torrione, the Cremona cathedral tower. Whether that is the singular origin story or not, torrone has certainly been enjoyed in the centuries following, and the Torrone Festival still takes place yearly in Cremona today. Companies such as Vergani and La Florentine have led the way since the 19th century, producing quality torrone and other Italian candy for sweet tooths around the world. 

What kinds of torrone can I buy? 

Italian torrone comes in two varieties: hard and soft. Hard nougat is baked for much longer and has a texture similar to peanut brittle, while soft torrone nougat is a creamier paste.    

Supermarket Italy carries a wide selection of torrone brands and flavors. Ferrara is a popular brand that makes classic flavors available in bite sized quantities. For a large, single sample, try La Florentine Soft Nougat with Almonds and Pistachios Torrone Bar or a Sperlari Torrone Classic Chocolate Nougat with Hazelnuts