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Barbecue Condiments

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USA: Home to Some of the World’s Best BB

Sure, we love our Italian food, but we have to give credit where credit is due. The United States of America is home to some spectacular barbeque— and BBQ condiments. Though many, many cultures and cuisines around the world have beautiful forms of barbeque, from spit roasts to chargrilled fish—American BBQ is truly unique. It is often slow smoked in a pit and slathered in a variety of regionally diverse (but generally somewhat sweet and tangy) barbeque condiments. From there, it’s served with generous portions of a large selection of sides, from pickles and cornbread to macaroni and cheese.

What Types of American BBQ (and BBQ Condiments) are Out There?

There are lots of barbeque regions throughout the USA, mainly in the south. What’s your favorite style?

Generally known for its proclivity to rely on pork products (particularly slow-cooked ribs and shoulder, the latter of which is then pulled), Memphis style barbecue is unique in that it’s prepared with a spice-laden dry rub. For typical Memphis style BBQ condiments, one can generally expect to be served a tomato based, tangy, and thin sauce to go with their spicy rubbed pork.

North Carolina and South Carolina barbeque have one major thing in common: they both love pork. In both states, pulled pork shoulder is a popular plate, and ribs are also commonly eaten. But when it comes to BBQ condiments, the two states are split on the issue. North Carolina style BBQ is generally vinegar-based, and tends to use a ketchup-heavy sauce upon serving. Meanwhile, South Carolina style ‘que differs depending on where you are in the state. But the most famous style South Carolina barbeque condiments are mustard and vinegar-based.

Alabama style barbeque is often of the pulled meat variety, but it’s really famous for its creamy white sauce, which is comprised of mayonnaise and BBQ condiment MVP, humble vinegar.

As the biggest state in the US, Texan cuisine is quite varied. Depending on where in the Lone Star State you are, you might come across wood smoked meat, a chopped beef sandwich, or something else altogether, like Tex-Mex, or chicken fried steak. It’s all delicious— and many Texans believe their form of barbeque reigns supreme. East Texas barbeque tends to be of the smoky variety: brisket, smoked sausages, and ribs are slow-cooked over a pit of local pecan wood. Inside the heart of the state, Central Texas-style barbeque relies more on traditionally sweet BBQ condiments. Chopped beef or pork sandwiches smothered in the stuff are another popular and delicious find in this part of the state.

You can’t visit Kansas City without trying their famous slow-cooked barbeque, which is slathered in a molasses-based BBQ condiment. It’s savory, sweet, and a special treat for a special city.

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