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Where does Asiago cheese come from?

Like many other types of cheese, Asiago cheese is named after the area in Italy where it was initially produced: the Asiago Plateau in Northeastern Italy. This Italian cheese is often compared to Parmesan and Pecorino, as they look and function similarly. Asiago comes from pure cow’s milk.

What does Asiago cheese taste like?

When it comes to Asiago, there are two different types of cheese: mild and fresh or sharp and aged cheese. When Asiago is fresh, it is rather soft with a creamy texture and more subtle flavor. With aged cheese, the taste becomes sharper and the texture becomes slightly harder. In general, Asiago is a nutty type of Italian cheese.

What can I eat with Asiago cheese?

Like Parmesan, Asiago can be eaten with pretty much anything in pretty much any form. Melt it on bread, grate it over pasta, or eat it by itself. The options are endless.