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What is Italian fondue?

What was once considered a Swiss delicacy is now enjoyed in countries around the world, including Italy. Originally created in Switzerland, Italian fondue is a delightful and satisfying dinner event that involves creamy and pungent melted cheese, which is used as a dipping sauce for a variety of small bites such as bread, toast points, veggies, and meat. At Supermarket Italy, you'll find everything you need for a festive and memorable fondue party, including a selection of Swiss cheese fondue packets by premium brands like Emmi and LeSuperbe. Read More

For a little variety in your Italian fondue dinner, broth can be heated to a gentle simmer in another pot and used for cooking chunks of beef, chicken, or shrimp. Along with the melted Swiss cheese fondue packets, vegetables can also be cooked in the broth for a complete Italian fondue medley.

Different Types of Italian Fondue

Buy Italian fondue at Supermarket Italy and get ready to enjoy a delicious and satisfying dining experience. Our selection of Swiss cheese fondue packets include the finest quality imports, which is the secret to authentic flavors and a perfectly melted consistency that is smooth and free of lumps.

While it might be considered a gourmet delicacy, Italian fondue is easy to enjoy. Simply order Swiss cheese fondue packets from Supermarket Italy, and microwave in a bowl or over medium-low heat on a hot plate or stove until fully melted. One of Supermarket Italy's best selling Swiss Cheese fondue packets, Swiss Knight by Emmi is made from a blend of natural Swiss cheeses that have been aged over 60 days with white wine and kirsche. Using the traditional recipe from Switzerland, these Swiss cheese fondue packets are the preferred choice for an authentic Swiss specialty in the comfort of home.

Another variety by Emmi is their original fondue, which includes easy to use Swiss cheese fondue packets. A best-selling fondue product around the world, this melted Swiss cheese is creamy, rich, and delicious, especially when used for dipping with your favorite cooked veggies or crudites. You can temper the sharp and intense cheese flavors with a glass of crisp white wine.

At Supermarket Italy, we also feature Swiss cheese fondue packets by LeSuperbe, a gourmet Swiss cheese with a distinctive flavor that reflects the local climate and herbs used for seasoning. Using the traditional processing methods from the 17th century, this tangy and fruity flavored Swiss cheese tastes marvelous when paired with vegetables, potatoes, and fruit.

For a dessert course that follows the Italian fondue theme, you can finish the meal with strawberries and slices of pound cake dipped in melted chocolate. The great thing about the Italian fondue experience is that you can control the amount of chocolate that covers your dipping items, allowing you to make it as sweet and decadent as you desire. A perfect balance to rich and velvety chocolate is an equally intense and robust Italian espresso, which can be made into a latte or cappuccino for a milder and creamier sip.

Where to Buy Fondue

Buy fondue cheese from Supermarket Italy and enjoy the convenience and affordability of premium Italian fondue delivered directly to your door.