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What is Lotus Root?

Lotus Root comes from the base of the Lotus flower, which is mainly found in Asian water gardens. The whole Lotus blossom is actually edible, but the root is used the most in Asian cooking. It is also known for its beautiful and rather odd appearance.

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What does Lotus Root taste like?

Lotus Root is an ingredient in many Asian recipes. The Lotus can be incorporated in soups, salads, stir-fry, and can even be turned into chips! It is naturally crunchy, refreshing, and has a mildly sweet taste.

What is the significance of the Lotus?

Lotus flowers have been considered sacred since ancient times. The Lotus is an important symbol across multiple cultures and religions, including Egyptian, Buddhist, Indian, and Vietnamese. Generally, the lotus blossom stands for spiritual enlightenment and rebirth.

Are there other ways to use Lotus Root?

Aside from using it as an ingredient in food recipes, the Lotus can be used as a stunning garnish for a meal or a cocktail. The brand Wild Hibiscus makes products such as Lotus Root in Butterfly Pea and Elderflower that add a beautiful hue to any cocktail glass.