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It’s All Gouda, Bro!

Gouda cheese is one of the most popular cheeses, so much so that it has worked its way into our everyday vernacular. But while it is the center of many linguistic puns, it is definitely a seriously important Dutch cheese. Gouda has a very distinct taste that makes it stand out in the wide world of popular cheeses.

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The Unmistakable Taste of Gouda Cheese

This Dutch cheese is known for its rich, buttery, nutty flavor. Most people know Gouda cheese for its smokey taste which is especially potent in smoked Gouda, but isn’t much of a flavor factor in other types of Gouda. As with all cheeses, the taste and aroma becomes stronger and the texture becomes firmer the longer it is aged.

How to Eat Gouda Cheese

Gouda, especially smoked Gouda, is a superb ingredient for grilled cheese, mac and cheese, or a panini sandwich. Gouda retains a gooey thickness and an enhanced flavor when melted. A panini sandwich with melted Gouda is a robust, heartwarming, and mouthwatering meal. Of course, this Dutch cheese can also be eaten plain with crackers. Because of its bold flavor, it pairs very well with most salamis.

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