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The Unique Flavor of Italian Coffee

With a rich and intense flavor, real Italian coffee brings a tradition of excellence to every sip. Coffee first made its appearance in Europe during the 14th century when traders from the Silk Road introduced it to the wealthy aristocrats of Venice, and hundreds of years later it is a staple of Italian culture. Using 100 percent Arabica espresso beans from Central America and the African highlands, Italian coffee is the preferred choice for making classic espresso drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, and macchiatos. The secret to its velvety smooth taste is a perfectly balanced combination of bitter and sweet flavors.

What are some popular Italian coffee brands?

At Supermarket Italy, we feature only the best Italian coffee. One of the most popular coffee brands is Lavazza, known for its premium quality. Smooth yet rich and robust in flavor, Lavazza makes delicious Italian coffee that you can find in a cafe or your stovetop espresso machine. For Italian coffee with a balance of flavor and acidity, the Kimbo brand makes excellent Neapolitan style espresso drinks, which are often made at home using a moka pot or a traditional macchinetta napoletana. Rich, smooth, and indisputably excellent, Illy is another premium coffee brand that deserves a daily rotation in your kitchen or café. What sets Illy apart is a blend of nine Arabica espresso beans spanning four continents, which produces a symphony of flavors like caramel, baked goods, and chocolate.

What are the different types of Italian coffee products available?

Italian coffee comes in a variety of forms designed for different household preferences. Ground coffee is a popular choice because of its convenience. With the addition of hot water, finely ground espresso beans are ready in minutes, producing bold and intense flavors that are ideal for authentic Italian espresso drinks. Even more convenient are coffee pods or capsules used for on-demand coffee machines. Just press a button and enjoy Italy’s premium coffee varieties in seconds. 

Coffee gourmands will be happy to find plenty of whole bean Italian coffee varieties. Whole bean coffee requires grinding, but the extra effort is worth the freshly ground taste and the incredible aromas. When you grind Italian espresso beans, your kitchen becomes filled with comforting notes of chocolate and spices.

For those who are sensitive to caffeine, we also feature a selection of decaf Italian coffee, which retains the rich Italian espresso flavor but with significantly less caffeine.