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Spices & Seasonings

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What types of spices can I find at Supermarket Italy?

We have dozens upon dozens of spice and seasoning options available, including single spices and spice blends. Flavor your meals with everything from simple sea salt to more exotic spices like paella seasoning, hot paprika, and Creole seasoning. Also available are special dessert spices such as pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon sugar, and star anise.

What types of herbs?

Supermarket Italy specializes in herbs that are heavily used in Italian food and Mediterranean cuisine. Stock your home pantry with oregano, tarragon leaf, dill weed, caraway seeds, and more. Season duck, chicken, or beef roasts with herbs such as rosemary or juniper berries. Also whip up floral and herbaceous cocktails!

What meals can I make with Supermarket Italy’s spices and seasonings?

Different cuisines employ different spice blends, and Supermarket Italy wants to help you make any type of cuisine you desire! Fire up the BBQ and prep your chicken, steak, ribs and veggies with Bone Suckin’ Sauce Seasoning. (Need ideas? Check out these 3 Best BBQ Recipes.) Toss a pinch of Italian dried hot pepper flakes and basil salt into your favorite pasta recipes. Go Caribbean with Jamaican curry powder and jerk seasoning. Travel around the culinary world without leaving our pantry!