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Gaeta Olives

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Gaeta Olives

Ranging in color from light brown to a deep brown, Gaeta olives have a mild brininess and slightly sour flavor. Unlike green olives, which are harvested when the fruit is still young, black varieties like the Gaeta are harvested after the fruit has ripened. Like many Made in Italy products, Gaeta olives are all natural, and the brining process ensures preservation and a long shelf life without the use of artificial preservatives. As an appetizer or main course, Gaeta olives make frequent appearances in the cuisine of central Italy. They are an essential ingredient of the Italian kitchen, and are often seen in large bowls on kitchen tables to be eaten as an irresistible finger food.

Gaeta Olives in Italian Cuisine 

For aficionados of Mediterranean food, particularly the Neapolitan cuisine of central Italy, there is no substitute for Gaeta olives. In Neapolitan recipes calling for olives, the Gaeta variety is almost always used. For example, Spaghetti Puttanesca is a crowd-pleasing traditional pasta dish that uses Gaeta olives, tomatoes anchovies, and capers to make a deliciously fragrant sauce. For a delicious Neopolitan antipasti, set out a bowl of Gaeta olives with feta, roasted red peppers, and Italian cured meats.