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What is Mortadella?

Adding to the long list of Italian cured meats, Mortadella is produced in Bologna, Italy using a generations-old blend of spices that includes black pepper, myrtle berries, and pistachios. This popular deli meat is made from finely ground pork that has been heat-cured. The meat comes from the neck of the pig and contains at least 15% of cubed pork fat. It’s sweet, rich, and briny flavors make it a popular type of sandwich meat or appetizer. Read More

During ancient Roman times, the pork filling in Mortadella was ground into a paste using a mortar and pestle. Because pepper hadn’t yet been introduced to Europe, the original recipe used myrtle berries as the main seasoning, which is why it was called myrtle sausage (farmicen mirtatum).

Thanks to its satisfying flavor and versatility in the kitchen, Italian Mortadella has maintained its iconic status as a popular food throughout the centuries. A favorite brand from Italy is Levoni, which produces a sweet, delicate, and robust-flavored Italian Mortadella according to IGP Bologna Mortadella consortium standards.

At Supermarket Italy, we also feature the finest Italian Mortadella brands such as Rovagnati, which uses prime cuts of pork leg, shoulder, and belly. Try it on a sandwich for a gourmet twist on weekday lunches. It can also be rolled up and stuffed with cheese for a meaty and substantial update on classic bruschetta. A lunchtime favorite, the classic ham and cheese panini is another delicious way to enjoy Mortadella.

Another top Mortadella brand is Mastro, a superior import from Canada. Using a time-honored cooking technique, this premium variety is slowly baked to enhance the traditional aroma and flavor. A delicious pairing for sliced cheese and fresh veggies, try it on sandwiches or antipasto platters for an Italian-style twist on weekday lunches and dinners.

Where to Buy Mortadella

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