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Mortadella Meat

What is Mortadella?

Mortadella is the Italian grandfather of baloney. Produced in Bologna, Italy, the pork meat is ground to a paste with pistachios and bits of neck fat mixed in. After being seasoned, flattened, and cooked, this gourmet deli meat takes on sweet, rich, and briny flavors.

How to Eat Mortadella Meat

The most common way to enjoy this Italian pork meat is in a mortadella sandwich with cheese slices. Unlike baloney lunch meat, mortadella also has its place in gourmet restaurants. Chefs love frying it, stuffing it in pasta, and even grinding it up into meatballs!

Where to Buy Mortadella

Supermarket Italy offers mortadella meat made by a wide range of top-rated brands, such as Parmacotto, Mastro, and Rovagnati. Options range from one pound to more than 10 pounds!