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Mastro Charcuterie Meats 

For decades, Mastro has been a leader in delivering delicious Italian-style deli meats to customers around the world. Along with sister company, San Daniele, their meats have become household names thanks to their high standards and affordable prices.Their dry cured salami, sausages and prosciuttos are crafted using old world flavors and modern technology, making it easier than ever to add Mastro premium charcuterie meats to your next charcuterie board. 

What kinds of Italian meats does Mastro sell?

The wide selection available makes Mastro one of the most popular brands for Italian meats. Pile sandwiches high with aromatic Mastro Mild Salametti and Mortadella with Pistachio. Prosciutto connoisseurs need look no further than Mastro Prosciutto Gold, a 14 lb treasure that will satisfy a hungry crowd. For those that prefer spicier flavor, Mastro packs heat with products like their Calabrese Hot Large Flat Salami or Mastro Hot Salamatti. 

What dishes can I make with Mastro products?

Mastro deli meats will bring wonderful, aromatic flavor to charcuterie boards, sandwiches, and pizzas. Pair salty salami with gouda cheese and prosciutto wrapped in melon as flavorful antipasti. Layer mortadella, salami, and provolone on ciabatta for a traditional Italian sub, or slice thinly and make a meat lovers pizza.