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Italian Sausage Links

What’s so good about Italian sausage, anyway?

Short answer: Everything! Italian sausage is a pork sausage that is unique for the way it is seasoned. Italian sausage can be used as full links, chopped, or crumbled, depending on the dish. Sausage is a primary ingredient for many traditional and modern Italian food dishes.

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What types of Italian sausage are there?

Italian sausage can basically be split into two types: Sweet or hot. Which kind you use depends on the flavor profile of the Italian food dish you want to make. Hot Italian sausage is seasoned with red pepper flakes, while sweet sausages are not. Fennel is a common herb used in both types of Italian sausages. Garlic is also used to flavor both types.

What are the most popular Italian sausage recipes?

If nothing else, everyone knows the Italian food staple of sausage and peppers! Make sausage and peppers (throw some onions in there, too) as a stand-alone dish or make it as part of a hearty Italian hero. Sausage Cacciatore, Sausage Orecchiette, and Sausage Ragù are other popular traditional Italian sausage recipes you can enjoy.

Where can I buy Italian sausage?

If you want the convenience of ordering your Italian sausage online, Supermarket Italy sells both sweet dry sausage and hot dry sausage, as well as German sausages