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Time for Tea

Soothing and aromatic, a cup of tea conjures images of coziness and warmth. Tea has been cultivated for thousands of years in cultures across the globe, and is now readily available no matter where you live. Enjoy a cup of tea with pastries in the morning, savor decaf tea at night, or bake leaves of Earl Grey into a batch of shortbread cookies. You can even use herbal tea bags in beauty regimens to reduce puffiness and absorb antioxidants. 

What kinds of tea can I buy?

Teas come in many varieties, all geared toward different aromas and moods. For those who enjoy a cup before bed, decaf tea offers a soothing treat without caffeine. Some teas have more floral notes, such as Onno Behrends Rosehip, while Amarelli Licorice Tea offers a bitter flavor that can help a sore throat. You can start your day the English way with Twinings Earl Gray and biscuits, or take a trip to South America with the unique experience of Yerba Mate, a traditional plant used for tea and medicinal purposes for centuries.     

Where can I buy herbal tea online?

Supermarket Italy has a wide selection of tea and coffee available for purchase. Whether it’s licorice tea for a sore throat or decaf tea to relax you without keeping you up, there is a tea for you. Explore our full array of herbal teas in both tea bags and loose leaf varieties!