Onno Behrends Rosehip Tea, 4.8 oz

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This Rosehip Tea is an aromatic herbal mix

Onno Behrends makes delicious, soothing herbal teas.

Make the perfect cup of hot tea for a winter afternoon with these rosehip tea bags.

Onno Behrends Tea all natural herbal tea makes the perfect cup of hot or iced tea. Their caffeine-free Rosehip Tea is fruity and aromatic with a beautiful red color. Long used as a natural energy drink, rosehip tea also has antioxidants that can aid digestion and improve heart health. 

Pair this tea with sweet cookies or candied fruit for a delightful afternoon snack. Or pour this floral tea in a thermos, and sip this relaxing, aromatic drink during a morning commute or afternoon walk. Each box contains 50 tea bags, so stock up on Onno Behrends Rosehip Tea!


4.8 oz (50 tea bags)


Product of Germany

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