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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Liquid gold: What is extra virgin olive oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil or EVOO is the cornerstone of every Italian kitchen. Choosing the right brand and type can break or make a dish. There are many ingredients that can be substituted, but Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not one of them.

Though other versions of the product exist, nothing beats Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has a silky texture, rich aroma and incredible flavor that pairs with nearly anything. Of course, heat-treated olive oil has its place in the kitchen as well—it’s great for cooking! However, when it comes to the perfect finishing touch or flavor for a dish, you can’t go past the best: EVOO.

The best Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a variety of tasting notes: it’s peppery, fruity, grassy, spicy, buttery and more. It can come in a stunning range of colors. Some Extra Virgin Olive Oils are a lovely shade of gold, while others boast a vibrant green. Read More

How is extra virgin olive oil made?

Olives are a fruit, not a vegetable like some believe, and olive oil is its juice. The “extra virgin” part of the name simply means that the olives used to make the oil were cold-pressed. The product that comes from pressing the fruit in its pure state is beloved for its flavor, aroma and appearance.

Can I cook with extra virgin olive oil?

Sometimes, but not always. Though it’s a spectacular ingredient, Extra Virgin Olive Oil shouldn’t just be used in place of other cooking oils. It’s not the right oil for frying or sautéing anything! It has a relatively low smoking point, meaning its lovely flavor won’t be even imparted into what you’re cooking—it will likely just taste acrid and burnt.

This isn’t to say that olive oil can’t be used as an ingredient. EVOO helps create brilliant bread and pizza doughs, makes for a unique ice cream flavor, and can be emulsified into a variety of spreads, dressings and dips.

What dishes is extra virgin olive oil used for?

More often than not, you’re likely to find Extra Virgin Olive Oil adorning a dish, not cooked inside of it. It can also be used as a dipping companion for focaccia, grissini and a variety of delicious breads.

Quite a few dishes from Italy and around the world rely on Extra Virgin Olive Oil as their shining ingredient. Basil and parmesan may get all the glory, but it is the backbone of pesto, one of Italy’s most famous dishes, which is now used from anything to pasta and pizza to a sandwich spread or salad dressing.

Gazpacho, one of the signature dishes from Spain, is a chilled soup made from a refreshing blend of ripe tomatoes, cucumber and garlic, along with a healthy dose of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Of course, Extra Virgin Olive Oil really shines as a finishing touch to an appetizer or nibble. An assortment of olives is appealing and luxurious when bathed in golden oil and sprinkled with herbs. Fluffy, creamy mounds of hummus and baba ghanoush beg to be drizzled with green, fruity oil and lavished with smoked paprika, toasted pine nuts, and seeds. (It also can, if blended in, add lovely flavor and body to the dips themselves.) Hot, fresh bread seems bare without a dish of garlic and chili-flake flecked EVOO.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds a splash of flavor and succulence to any cooked dishes as it’s served.

Where can I buy the best extra virgin olive oil?

Supermarket Italy is able to provide customers with a grand variety of different olive oils from many different parts of Italy and the world. We carry renowned Italian EVOO brands such as Frantoia, Partanna, and Frantoi Cutrera. We also have a selection of other brands such as Paesano and Asaro. As olive oil connoisseurs, we are well aware that Italy isn’t the only country producing wonderful products. That’s why we are proud to offer international brands such as Nunez de Prado, Columela, and Les Moulins Mahjoub.