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What are the popular types of Italian dried meats?

Along with well-known varieties like bologna, pepperoni, and prosciutto, Italian dried meats include a long list of premium varieties like Calabrese, which comes from the Calabria region of Southern Italy. Because of its spicy-hot flavor, it adds a powerful kick to many traditional dishes. Another popular Italian meat is coppa or capicola, a traditional Corsican cold cut made from the pork shoulder or neck. What makes this type of salami different is the curing process, which uses less salt than ham or prosciutto.

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Another must-have for Italian cooking is Guanciale, a type of Italian meat that contains a generous amount of fat. Add it to risotto, stew, or pasta for a balanced amount of brininess and a hint of rosemary. For a gourmet update on bologna, Mortadella is everything you could want in a premium Italian meat. Sweet, delicate, and with just the right amount of saltiness, it makes a satisfying addition to traditional Italian sandwiches.

For a taste of the crisp Alpine air of Northern Italy, indulge in Speck, a lighter, less salty type of Italian cured meat with a heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth quality. Place a few paper-thin slices on bread, and then add a pickle and gourmet Italian cheeses for the holy trinity of Italian-style deliciousness!

What makes Italian meat different?

Depending on the region where it was produced, Italian meats exhibit different flavors and textures, giving it many uses in the kitchen. Based on time-honored meat curing techniques, meat is dry cured in ventilated rooms, a process which allows it to take on the flavors of its environment. Each variety also has its own special blend of herbs and spices, resulting in Italian cured meats with distinctive and nuanced flavor profiles.

What are some popular Italian meat dishes?

The fundamentals of traditional cuisine, Italian meats bring the wholesome and satisfying taste of the Old World to a wide range of classic dishes. From antipasto platters and gourmet sandwiches to hearty pasta sauces and much more, Italian dried meats add depth and complexity to simple ingredients with rich and robust flavors that really stand out.

Bread was invented for two reasons—to dip into pasta sauces or to serve as a delivery system for the most cherished delicacy in Italian cuisine, cured meats. A must-have for your lunchtime meal rotation, the classic gourmet Italian sandwich isn’t complete without a few slices of gourmet premium quality Italian dried meats, the essential ingredients of Italian comfort food.

In the mood for a satisfying Muffaletta sandwich? Bring the taste of this famous New Orleans treat to your lunch hour with slices of capicola. Spread a generous amount of olive salad on bread, add mozzarella cheese, and enjoy the quintessential flavors of the Big Easy.

Italian cured meats are also essential finger foods to include in antipasti platters. Place a few slices of your favorite varieties of cured meat along with toast points, fruit, cheeses, and nuts for a tasty before-dinner snack.

Where to buy Italian meats?

At Supermarket Italy, you’ll find a huge selection of premium quality Italian cured meats. From Bresaola to Speck, stock your kitchen with Italian cured meats and get ready to enjoy the transcendent flavors of Italian cuisine.

The building blocks of traditional Italian food, cured meat has the power to transform basic kitchen staples into a memorable culinary event. Shop our selection today and bon appetito!