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Pecorino Romano

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Where does Pecorino Romano cheese come from?


Like all types of Pecorino cheese, Pecorino Romano comes from sheep’s milk. This particular type of cheese comes from sheep who live in the Lazio region of Italy, where Rome is located. The name of the cheese refers to the ancient Romans and Roman military who absolutely adored this cheese and frequently ate it at banquets and on the march.


What makes Pecorino Romano different from other Pecorino cheeses?

Pecorino Romano cheese stands out because it is the sharpest and most powerful of the Pecorino cheeses. It is very salty and hard with a crumbly texture. It is also the most well-known and loved of the Pecorino family.


How should I use Pecorino Romano cheese?


Pecorino Romano is a lot like Parmigiano-Reggiano in that it is almost exclusively used as a grated cheese. Because of its incredibly firm texture, it does not make for a good ingredient in larger recipes. However, Pecorino Romano is thoroughly enjoyable all on its own or as part of a cheese plate. Enjoy this bold Italian cheese with an equally bold Italian wine.