Where are you located?
Our office and warehouse is currently located in New Jersey.

Do you ship outside the United States?
Currently we do not ship outside the United States.

What carriers do you ship through and how is cost calculated?
We ship with UPS or USPS, and cost is based on distance from our warehouse in Lyndhurst, NJ to the destination zip code, as well as which shipping method is chosen.

How will our orders be packaged?
Orders with multiple items may both be packaged together or in separate boxes depending on texture, size, weight, perishable or nonperishable, and convenience. We ship all perishables 2 day shipping, with dry ice and regular ice in insulated packaging at no additional cost to the customer. 

How accurate are the weights of your products?
All valued weights for our products are APPROXIMATE weights according to our item listings. We guarantee that all our products such as cheese and meats will be sent closest to its approximate weight if not greater than what you purchased.


How long can your cheeses be stored for?
That depends mainly on what kind of cheese. However, cheese stay freshest stored at the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. It can be stored for several months if unopened and approximately one month when opened and properly wrapped. Wrap any unused portion in one layer of tight clean plastic wrap. Re-wrap this way after every use to maintain its freshness. Be aware that softer cheeses typically have a shorter shelf life than harder cheeses.

Does your business cut or slice your cheeses/meats?
No. All cut cheeses and sliced meats are either received pre-cut or sent to certified licensed businesses that cut our meats and cheeses for us.


Why is my credit or debit card being rejected during checkout?
Make sure that you have entered the correct Billing Address Zip Code correctly prior to entering your credit card info, otherwise you will likely receive a payment error.


Do you offer wholesale pricing to restaurants and businesses?
Yes, as long as your business or restaurant wishes to buy our merchandise in large quantities. Just contact us through email.