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Cerignola Olives

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Cerignola Olives

What are Cerignola olives? 

Cerignola olives are very large, mild in flavor, and may be served either green or cured red or black. The variety, which originates from the southeastern Italian province of Apulia and is named for the town of Cerignola, is popular for charcuterie boards and martini ingredients. They are crisp and fantastically buttery. Their hefty size makes them perfect for stuffed olives.

What can I make with Cerignola olives?

Cerignola olives are ideal for salad recipes, as well as baked chicken and fish dishes that feature garlic, capers and anchovies. Make stuffed olives filled with pimento cheese as a charcuterie board appetizer or a delicious martini ingredient.

Where can I buy Cerignola olives?

Supermarket Italy has a great selection of Mediterranean olives, including red, black, and green Cerignola olives that will be perfect on your next charcuterie board. Enjoy popular brands such as a Pero, Polli, and Sanniti, cured in olive oil or mixed with Mediterranean herbs and spices