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Castelvetrano Olives

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What are Castelvetrano olives?

Bring the taste of Sicily to your dinner table with Castelvetrano olives, Italy’s number one table snack. With meaty, tender flesh and a mild, buttery flavor, Italian Castelvetrano olives melt in your mouth, making them seriously snack-able in the world of olives. Named after a town in Southwestern Italy, Castelvetrano olives are nutty, velvety, and delightfully sweet, which is why they are called dolce (Italian for sweet) olives in Italy.. Read More

The quintessential Italian snack from the Trapani region, Castelvetrano olives are cured in a lightly salted brine, which consists of a combination of extra virgin olive oil, water, and sea salt. A Nocerella del Belice olive cultivar, Castelvetrano olives are grown in the Valle del Belice, the fertile valley of olive groves situated on the western side of Sicily. An essential part of the Italian culinary canon, Castelvetrano olives are grown for table olives and premium quality olive oil.

What makes Castelvetrano olives different?

Compared to darker colored varieties, which feature an intense flavor profile of salty and briny, Castelvetrano olives have a mild saltiness and a crisp, tender bite, making them a favorite nibble at cocktail parties. Considered the finest quality olives, the taste of the Castelvetrano variety is often compared to a fine olive oil, which isn’t surprising since some of the top-rated olive oil comes from Italian Castelvetrano olives, too. Hand-picked on a farmer-owned estate, these premium olives are harvested young and then processed within four hours of being picked; that’s is why they have a bright green color and firm texture.

What dishes are commonly made with Castelvetrano olives?

Castelvetrano olives add delicious pops of flavor to a long list of Italian dishes and appetizers, which makes them an essential ingredient for every cook’s arsenal. A must-have for an antipasti platter, Castelvetrano olives pair wonderfully with cured meats, Italian cheeses, and fruit. Cleanse the palate with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc and make a toast to the Old World tradition of fine imported food from Italy.

With Castelvetrano olives, it’s easy to transform any dish into a gourmet meal. Simply toss roughly chopped olives together with olive oil, garlic, and herbs, and then drizzle over fish, chicken, or pork chops for a Sicilian twist on your favorite meals. Italian castelvetrano olives can also bring hearty and simple pasta to life with bright and pungent pops of flavor. Using pitted castelvetrano olives for convenience, these morsels of flavor and meatiness are perfect for incorporating into light, oil-based sauces. With a mild and smooth tasting extra virgin olive oil as the base, castelvetrano olives can take your pasta from ordinary to mouth-watering.

Give your homemade pizza a Sicilian twist when you substitute black olives with the Castelvetrano variety. Simply slice the olives into small cylinders and place on your pizza along with other toppings like capers, garlic, and Italian sausage.

Castelvetrano olives are also the preferred garnish for the Venetian Spritz, an iconic Italian aperitivo. The mellow brininess of the olives wonderfully complements the orange flavors of this sweet and bitter cocktail.

What types of Castelvetrano olive products does Supermarket Italy offer?

If you’re wondering where to buy Castelvetrano olives, Supermarket Italy features a selection of the finest imported brands, including Asaro, Roland, Cento and Vittoria. Using time-honored processing and curing techniques, Castelvetrano green olives are packaged in glass jars or tins, which make them ideal for stocking in your pantry. When you incorporate Castelvetrano olives into your cooking, get ready to infuse your food with the fresh and complex flavors of the Sicilian countryside.

Pitted Castelvetrano Olives

Keep your Italian pantry fully stocked with Roland Sicilian Castelvetrano Olives, which comes in a 46 oz. tin packed with premium pitted green olives. With the pitts already removed, these tasty flavor bombs are the perfect finger food for pre-dinner snacking. They can also be coarsely chopped and added to simple dishes for a punch of flavor. We also feature other brands in smaller sizes, such as the 11.6 oz. glass jar of Cento Castelvetrano Pitted Green Olives, the optimal packaging for preserving flavor. Another popular choice, the Asaro Pitted Castelvetrano Green Olives comes in a 4.5 oz. glass jar, the perfect amount for adding to an antipasti platter.

Castelvetrano Olive Spread

A masterpiece of creamy, buttery flavors, the Castelvetrano Olive Spread from Asaro Farms is just begging to be spread on crusty bread or toast points. With a jar of this tasty olive spread in your kitchen, you can easily transform a basic sandwich into a gourmet Italian version that elevates all the other ingredients. You could also include a side of olive spread with your favorite Italian cured meats and cheeses for a delicious bite that satisfies your pre-dinner hunger. Made from estate-grown olives, this gourmet spread is preserved in the highest quality Sicilian extra virgin olive oil and sea salt, which enhances the natural flavors of the olives in a lightly salted brine.

Castelvetrano Olive Salad

Thanks to a combination of green and black olives, pickled vegetables and spices, the Castelvetrano Olive Salad delivers a lively flavor profile with a symphony of classic ingredients. Make a New Orleans Muffuletta sandwich when you spread this delicious salad on slices of bread. A flavorful base for crackers and thick, crusty bread, the spicy, sweet, and savory flavors help bring together layers of thin-sliced Italian cold cuts and cheese. For a healthy, low-carb meal, castelvetrano olive salad can also be used as a flavorful topping for an Italian style salad. Serve it with toast points for a substantial yet light midday lunch or appetizer. Made with finely diced vegetables and olives, the Castelvetrano olive salad makes the perfect filling for bite-sized appetizers like stuffed mushrooms, an Italian favorite. It could also be added to small puff pastries for a complementary pairing that helps balance the starchiness with fresh, juicy flavors.

Where to Buy Castelvetrano Olives

At Supermarket Italy, we feature only the best made in Italy products, including the top brands of Italian Castelvetrano olives. Keep your kitchen stocked with a variety of premium products and always be ready for anything in the kitchen.

Shop for Castelvetrano olives today and bring the flavors of Italy to your dinner table.