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Nespresso Compatible

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What are Nespresso pods?

Using the latest coffee brewing technology, Nespresso pods are made with high-quality espresso and a patented extraction process, which produces a luscious golden crema and rich flavor. Simply place a capsule in the lever and you’ll have the perfect cup of coffee or espresso in seconds. Nespresso capsules also feature premium brands of Italian espresso such as Lavazza, Kimbo, Trombetta, and Caffe Borbone. Read More

Nespresso coffee pods are widely popular around the world because of their instant convenience that doesn’t sacrifice quality. In fact, only 1 to 2% of the world’s green coffee crop meets the high standards of aroma, flavor profile, and quality of Nespresso. Pre-measured with the perfect amount of coffee grinds, Nespresso pods take the guesswork out of your daily coffee routine.

With Nespresso capsules, premium espresso can be enjoyed with a touch of a button. You’ll never have a mess on the counter, just a premium coffee that retains the characteristic flavor and mouthfeel of traditional Italian espresso. Another plus, Nespresso pods are also 100% recyclable at designated recycling centers in 18 countries.

What various Nespresso pods are available?

Along with a selection of specialty imports ranging from sweet to savory, Supermarket Italy also features Nespresso pods in a variety of flavors. For a velvety and smooth brew, Lavazza is sheer perfection in a cup. Another favorite Italian brand of Nespresso pods, Kimbo delivers a rich and robust flavor that pairs well with baked goods. For the traditional flavor of Italian espresso, Caffe Borbone Nespresso pods are the brand’s most popular product.

For Italians, espresso is more than an a.m. eye-opener. In fact, the coffee hour in Italy often extends into a midday pick-me-up and then as part of an after-dinner dessert course. If you can’t make the trip to Italy, experience the authentic flavor pairings of an Italian cafe when you stock your coffee bar with a selection of Nespresso pods and classic treats.

Along with a variety of Nespresso pod flavors, make your shopping list complete with a selection of pre-made traditional desserts that are baked to perfection. With a light, crunchy bite and just a hint of sweetness, almond biscotti make the perfect coffee-dunking cookie in the morning or any time of day.

For a taste of the holidays, Italian-style, a slice of fluffy Panettone lends a bright fruitiness to bold and full-bodied coffee, the distinctive flavor profile of Italian espresso.

Supermarket Italy also features classic desserts like Tiramisu, which tastes even more heavenly when paired with Italian espresso made from Nespresso pods. Balance the sweet, decadent layers of chocolate and cream with bold and intense brews like Lavazza Espresso Deciso, which has notes of cocoa and a sharp yet elegant flavor.

Where to buy Nespresso pods?

At Supermarket Italy, we make it easy to enjoy the convenience and quality of the best Nespresso capsules. Choose from a selection of premium Italian espresso brands for an optimal tasting cup every time. Make your Italian cafe experience even sweeter when you complement the perfect Italian espresso with traditional desserts like marzipan, biscuits, and more. Shop Supermarket Italy today and stock your pantry with everything you need for enjoying the flavors of an authentic Italian cafe in minutes.