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Cooked Ham

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Precooked Italian Ham

Why buy cooked ham?

Precooked ham is a staple at holiday parties and other family get-togethers. Because it has already been cooked properly, heating and flavoring your holiday ham is all you have to worry about! Of course, you can also eat this type of ham on your own in smaller portions.

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How should I serve cooked ham?

That depends on what kind of flavor you’re looking for! Many people enjoy a honey or brown sugar glaze with their holiday ham. A smokey, garlicky ham is also a great way to go. When reheating the ham, cooking on low heat for a longer amount of time is usually the best choice.

What other recipes can I make using cooked ham?

Cooked boneless ham is extremely convenient for making personal dishes. Boneless ham is easier to slice and dice, making it a welcome ingredient for egg breakfasts, sandwiches, and even sushi and fried rice!