Rovagnati Gran Biscotto Classic, 15 lb.

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Gran Biscotto offers premium precooked ham from Italy

Pork legs are carefully selected and seasoned before this type of ham cooks slowly in steam until it's ready to eat.

Serve this Italian meat as a main course, or enjoy it as part of a charcuterie board.

Best enjoyed freshly sliced, Gran Biscotto offers the finest cooked ham! Flavored with a secret spice blend, massaged for up to 72 hours, and slowly steamed, the recipe for this cooked ham has remained unchanged for over 30 years. This 15 lb ham is a wonderful main course for a large family or special occasions. 

You can enjoy this fully cooked ham cold or hot. Eat ham with Italian cheeses and thin-sliced melon on a charcuterie board. Or add leftover ham to a sandwich with fresh herbs and smoky cheese.

Since this Gran Biscotto product is a large ham, you'll have an easier time reheating it if you first cut it into smaller sections. For a savory main course, you can preheat the oven to 325 °F, place the meat in a roasting pan and wrap it in aluminum foil for even heating, and then bake the ham until it reaches an internal temperature of about 140 °F in the thickest section. For best results, use a meat thermometer. Adding an orange juice and brown sugar glaze over the ham midway through the cook time, or just pouring in a cup of water, can help the meat retain moisture.

15 lb.



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