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Bakery Breads Online

Supermarket Italy stocks breads and crackers from around the world, perfect for breakfast and charcuterie boards alike. We are proud to offer a variety of gluten-free bread options, including seed bread from Sigdal Bakeri, and hearty grains packed into Mestemacher bread. Try traditional Norwegian crispbread in flavors such as garlic & onion and spelt & pumpkin, all gluten-free. Sample Mestemacher Organic Natural Sunflower Seed bread made with sunflower seeds and whole kernel rye, piled high with Italian deli meats as a sandwich or buttered and served with tea.

For a classic Italian bread, try Opipan Hand-Made Pane di Matera. Simply toast in the oven and within 15 minutes, you will have a piping hot loaf of bread to serve at the dinner table. Pane Carasatu is a Sardinian crispbread that ancient shepherds once carried to the fields. Pair it with pecorino romano and Calabrian hot peppers as part of your next charcuterie board.