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Peppadews / Pepper Shooters / Sweetypeps

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What are Peppadews?

Along with premium made in Italy products, Supermarket Italy also features a selection of Peppadews, which are sweet picante peppers with a mild amount of spice and sweetness.

Peppadews peppers were first discovered in a small farming community in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. In order to enhance the flavor and preserve its freshness, farmers in the region created a special pickling recipe that has been used ever since. In the early 2000’s, the Peppadews brand made its debut in the South African market and then soon after, became a specialty item that was internationally exported. Today, Peppadews peppers are on the shelves of gourmet shoes around the world, a testament to their unique flavor and high quality.Read More

How are Peppadews used?

The preferred choice for chefs and home cooks, these special pickled peppers are perfect for giving dishes an inventive and colorful touch. When you use it as a topping in a quinoa salad, it enhances the flavors of the ingredients with a balanced amount of heat and sweetness. The same can be said for roasted vegetables with added Peppadews peppers, an easy to make side dish that packs a flavorful punch. In Mediterranean cuisine, these delightful picante peppers make a tasty and satisfying base for fresh grilled fish. Toss in your favorite vegetables and fresh herbs for a world-class dish that anyone can make.

Where to buy Peppadews Peppers

Available in hot or mild, our selection of Peruvian cherry poppers allows for flexibility on the amount of heat you prefer in your recipes. We also feature Peppadews in hot or mild, including 14-ounce glass jars, or 105-ounce tins in mild red or golden yellow.

What are Sweety Drops?

Also known as Inca red drops, these tiny tear-shaped peppers are grown in the Peruvian Highlands using a meticulous cultivation process that takes two years. Then, the harvest is sent to Gandules, Inc., a modern processing plant located in the valley of Jayanca in Northern Peru. These special peppers are then carefully processed and canned before being exported to gourmet shops in the U.S and around the world.

How are Sweety Drops used?

With a sweet flavor and a touch of heat, sweety drops are perfect for adding complexity and depth to basic dishes like salads, couscous, pasta, and even pizza toppings.

Where to buy Sweety Drops Online

At Supermarket Italy, you’ll find a selection of premium quality Sweety Drops imported from Peru. We offer a range of sizes to meet your needs, including Sweety Drops peppers in 10.2 oz glass jars and 28 oz tins sold individually or in packs of 6.

Shop our gourmet selection of Peruvian and South African peppers today and get ready to add a twist of gourmet to your favorite meals.