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What is soppressata made of?

Softer and more compact compared to other types of cured meats, soppressata is a traditional Italian sausage with a distinct flavor. Made from the shoulder of the ham and hand-pressed during the curing process, this soft meat is seasoned with a blend of garlic and oregano.

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What makes soppressata meat different?

A popular type of premium Italian sausage, soppressata comes from southern Italy, the crown jewel of Old World cuisine. Soppressata is also produced in the north, including Veneto and Frioul, each region using different curing and seasoning techniques.

Another element that influences the flavor is the region where the meat is farmed and cured. In southern Italy, the pigs feed on acorns, which gives the meat a balanced amount of fat.

History of soppressata meat

Italians were pioneers of the first meat curing techniques, which were being developed as early as the Middle Ages. Because of food shortages during medieval times, Italian butchers were looking for a way to use every part of the animal, and their solution was cured meats like soppressata. Dry cured meats were also well preserved, making them a favorite at banquet halls and royal courts.

What does soppressata taste like?

Soppressata has an intense taste that gives classic recipes a layer of rich and satisfying flavors. From the first bite, soppressata from Calabria has powerful hot pepper flavor that’s tempered with a special blend of seasonings. Nine months of curing also gives the meat ample time to develop the rich and robust flavors of pork. Other types of soppressata have a mild, sweet flavor, depending on the brand and origin of production.

When the meat is chopped, soppressata has a rough texture that clings to hearty pastas. Its spicy, pungent flavor also adds a savory kick to red sauces, which helps balance the acidity of the tomatoes.

Sliced paper thin, this aromatic Italian sausage has a red color and little white spots, a result of a special curing technique developed centuries ago by Calabrian butchers.

What dishes is soppressata meat used for?

A finer-ground salami, soppressata is often crumbled or diced and added to pasta, like hearty ziti with fontina in a red tomato sauce. Soppressata is as versatile as it is satisfying and delicious, which is why Italian chefs often include a few slices on antipasti platters. Pair a hand-pressed slice of this gourmet cured ham with your favorite Italian cheeses, add a pickle and serve it on crusty bread for the holy trinity of Italian finger food.

Or take things up a notch at lunchtime with a gourmet sandwich made with spicy and flavorful soppressata and your favorite toppings, from classic mayo and Dijon mustard to creamy and delicious tapenades. Whatever the meal, include soppressata in your cooking repertoire and enjoy a taste of southern Italy in every bite.

Where to buy soppressata meat online?

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